The total agricultural area in applications for EU-subsidies has increased by 70 200 hectares
According to the applications for EU-subsidies, the total area of arable land has increased by 56 100 hectares between 2004 and 2005 just as the total area of pasture and meadowland has increased by 14 100 hectares. Thus, according to the applications, the total agricultural area has increased by 70 200 hectares. The reason for increasing, almost certainly is the Mid Term Review, especially on the subject of pasture and meadowland. The Mid Term Review for Sweden begins to take effect mostly from 2005.

Areas under cereals, oleiferous plants and leguminous plants have decreased
Based upon applications, the cultivation of cereals has decreased by 98 500 hectares, or almost 9 % to 1 029 100 hectares compared with 2004, just as cultivation of rape and turnip rape has decreased by 1 800 hectares, or almost 2 % to 82 500 hectares. The cultivation of leguminous plants, too, has decreased by 1 900 hectares, or almost 4 % till 40 900 hectares compared with 2004. On the other hand, ley and green fodder have increased by 109 600 hectares, or almost 11 % to 1 088 200 hectares compared with 2004.

(Source: 2006-04-07, Jordbruksverket)
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