About us

The link between European plant breeding and Swedish agriculture

It began in 1996. Sweden had been a member of the EU for just over a year and the European common catalouge had just been released. This opened up exciting new opportunities for Swedish farmers, who now had access to the same high-quality varieties as their colleagues in the rest of Europe.


“We have given Swedish farmers greater freedom of choiche.“

But it needed someone to ensure that the varieties from the European plant breeders were spread north.... So we started Scandinavian Seed - Sweden´s first independent company that markets European varieties without having its own plant breeding facilities.

Business Vision

Our aim is simple: to choose the best European varieties to suit Swedish growing conditions, and then market them on the Swedish market.

Europe as our workplace

There is no doubt that the rest of Europe has a lot to offer agriculture in Sweden. And it actually works the other way too. In this respect Scandinavian Seed serves as the natural link. We have a wide network of contacts on both sides. This is a relationship of trust that is favoured by the fact that Scandinavian Seed does not have its own breeding operations.
We know all there is to know about seed. But we don´t sell any. When it comes to seed there is one thing that others do better than us: selling direct to customers.

“This lets us concentrate on what we do best, namely evaluating, testing and analysing all the new varieties available in Europe.“ 

That´s one task - like seed production - that we have happily left to skilled dealers around Sweden. This lets us concentrate on what we do best, namely evaluating, testing and analysing all the new varieties available in Europe.
The fact that our dealers can be found in both the farming cooperative and in the private farming sector guarantees us a wide reach. We also contribute ourselves by managing the marketing of Scandinavian Seed varieties.

Germination is complete. Now we´re growing for the future.

The secret behind the success of Scandinavian Seed is simply that we deliver what we promise. Varieties from Scandinavian Seed represent European quality at its best. And the knowledge we can pass on about growing conditions in northern latitudes is valuable to other European plant breeders.

“The secret behind the success...we deliver what we promise“ 

Our goal is that Scandinavian Seed should become the natural choice in the Swedish market, for plant breeders, farmers and end users such as mills, malt houses and feed industry.


The varieties that Scandinavian Seed brings to the Swedish market fall into the product groups of grain, peas, maize, oil seed crops, forage grass and amenity grass.
All varieties are of European origin. They are carefully selected to meet agricultural requirements for good total economy during growing, as well as the characteristics that are required by end users - primarily mills, malt houses and the feed industry.
  • Winter wheat
  • Winter barley
  • Winter rye
  • Rye wheat
  • Spring barley
  • Spring wheat
  • Oats
  • Peas
  • Spring rape
  • Winter rape
  • Flax
  • Forage grass
  • Maize
  • Amenity grass